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Green Laboratory is a part of Greenwood Industrial Co., Ltd. We are a one-stop service cosmetics company founded in 2020. We focus on that “product quality” is the main principle, we will focus on every part from special formula according to the needs of the brand owner, raw materials, comprehensive production process, unique packaging, suitable for usage. including on product quality control to be as intended We create and produce quality cosmetics for quality brands.

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The first thing we take into account is the product quality. Good product will sells itself. Good quality will be told. We therefore focus on developing our formulations, our teams and our services to cover our cosmetic manufacturing services in terms of performance, characteristics, reliability. and beauty to match the quality and image of the customer brand


Next thing from good quality will be sustainability, sustainable production. We create cosmetics that are manufactured by using a process that has the least negative impact on the environment by focusing on the conservation of energy and natural resources, Consumer and Community Safety. In addition, we also reduce waste from both production and end products. to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste In the future, we plan to create “Completely Zero waste” products and services to drive sustainability for all.

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