Our service for creating and manufacturing cosmetics (One-stop service) covers every aspect, suitable for those who want to produce cosmetic brand, creams and skin care products under their own brand and goals. by focusing on product quality and environmental sustainability as the main. We are confident and intend to continuously develop our products. to create the best products for your brand


Our cosmetic and skincare production service is a one stop service, with our team controlling the production and providing comprehensive consulting. We have a team of developers (R&D) to consult for product formulations, a team of designers (Brand Designer) to take care of the brand and product appearance. Quality control team that competes to build confidence standard on your brand

“every product must be good quality”

Additional, we also have a team of marketing (Marketing) to provide professional advice. You can plan marketing and sales accordingly. to make your brand ready to compete in the market


We have product development team, designers and marketers to consult with customers before the actual production order both in terms of product formulations, brand’s direction and marketing strategy for your own confidence and a guide to building your brand and business


Our team of product developers are ready to design and develop a unique formulation for your brand. In a style that is unique, distinctive scents, choosing quality raw materials, suitable production techniques and create quality products that meet your needs


Proper packaging can create enormous benefits. In addition to the main function of protecting the product, It can create communication, attraction and advertising for your cosmetic products. Therefore, we have a service to choose the right packaging. Packed products safely and designed by a team of professional cosmetic product designers. It covers both the image, the beauty and the legal restrictions on the control label

FDA registration

build consumer confidence, we have a cosmetic product notification service (FDA) with the cosmetic control group. Cosmetics Control Division Food and Drug Administration Ministry of Health of Thailand to distribute and export legally and safely for consumers


We are cosmetic & skincare creator. We produce cosmetics and skincare products who loves cosmetics and skincare. We would like to create products that
“user is happy, brand owner is happy, we are happy and environment is happy.”
We focus on quality, usability and eco-friendly products. A good product reflects the intention and intent of the creator to the consumer, and the products produced by our factory will convey your identity. Brand’s identity to the consumer for sure

We believe that if we pay attention to every part We can make your dreams come true. make it “YOUR BRAND”