Our skin care products are products that enhance your skin, make it healthy and more attractive. Skin care is important for facial care. Our cosmetic manufacturing service offers a wide range of facial care products such as anti-aging cream, anti-melasma, cream, cleansing lotion, sheet. Facial mask, whitening cream, serum and many more


Body care products are products that focus on cleansing and nourishing body. Solve dry skin problems & restore moisture to skin. We provide cosmetic design and manufacturing services in body care products as follows: bath bomb, body lotion, milk bath oil, body oil, and body wash


Hair & scalp care products are one part that people are interested in in terms of beauty, not less than face and body. Therefore, we develop hair care formulas and provide services to produce quality and necessary hair and scalp cosmetics products such as hair lotion, hair serum, hair conditioner (conditioner) and shampoo (hair wash)


Suncare is a product intended to protect and heal skin from sun burn & damage. This type of product is now popular because UV light is so shine nowadays. it can easily burn and damage the skin. With this opportunity, we produce suncare cosmetic to take care of your skin before/after being exposed to the sun as follows: sunscreen, BB cream and aftersun cream


Alcohol sanitizer products reduce the number of germs and bacteria. It is a sanitizing product with alcohol. Our products use food-grade raw materials to ensure the safety of consumers. We will have 3 types of products which are alcohol gel, alcohol solution and alcohol spray card