Body care

bath bomb
Bath bomb

Bath bomb (Bathbomb) is a soap in the shape of a ball used for soaking in the bath. It is classified as a cosmetic for spa. For soothing tired from fatigue of everyday life. Fresh and special needs, and you can also add various extracts from nature

Body lotion

Body lotion are body care products in body care category. Used for moisturizing, Adjust skin to be soft and clear, During that feels dry. Deal with your scent and able to extract more natural again.

body oil
Milk bath oil

Mild bath oil is a product for body care. By using mixed into bath water. After that, the oily product, it will be mixed with water to become milk perfectly. by various compo-nents will be absorbed into the body give you a variety of benefits Make you relax with the magic of “Milk Bath Oil” while you are using it

Body oil

Body oil is a product in the skin care category. Used for applying to the skin after bathing. To help protect the lipid barrier on the skin and help prevent moisture leaving the skin, can use natural extracts to make the it suitable for all skin types and is easily absorbed, non-greasy and does not clog pores.

body care
Body wash

Body wash (Body wash) is a product for cleaning the body, removing oil and dirt from the body and adjusting the skin to be soft, smooth and radiant with natural extracts.