Hair care

hair lotion
Hair lotion

Hair lotion (Hair lotion) is a product for hair nourishes and scalp without washing out. Prevent Hair Loss nourish the scalp and strong hair roots and can also add other ingredients for more benefits

hair serum
Hair serum

Hair serum is a concentrated hair care product. Light texture. No need for rinse. Just 2 drops is enough to make hair shine, soft, shiny, tangle-free. Suitable for protecting hair from exposure to the sun and heat

Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is a hair care product that can be used and rinsed after shampooing, suitable for conditioning the hair and scalp. Add moisture to the hair help repair hair. Make hair strong, soft and easy to style

hair wash
Hair wash

Shampoo (Hair wash) is a product used to clean the hair and scalp, clean, reduce oiliness and also leave moisture on the hair and scalp