Skin care


Anti-aging cream products are products in the skin care category. Functional in anti-aging, reduce wrinkles that occur with age face lifting and slow down wrinkles with age. Suitable for cosmetic brand used by consumers over 25 years old to reduce wrinkles and make the skin look younger. Other extracts ingredient can also be added for extra characteristic

Anti-melasma cream

Anti-melasma cream is a cream to treat, reduce and nourish the skin by repair damaged by light. Causes blemishes, freckles, dark spots to look faded and helps restore dry skin. Evens skin tone, protects skin from blemishes, freckles, and dark spots.

Day/Night cream

Cream is a product that adds moisture to skin. Restore dry skin, even skin tone. Protects skin from external impurities. Reduce wrinkles, shallow grooves and adjust the skin before using cosmetics. Suitable for customers of all ages and genders, we can also add other extracts for more

Cleansing lotion

Cleansing Lotion is a skin care product in the category of removing makeup, pollution and sunscreen from skin. Cleansing Lotion has a lighter texture than cream. Suitable for all skin types and fragrance-free. Proper for sensitive skin and someone who wears some makeup gentle on skin

Hydrating gel

Moisturizing gel (Hydrating gel) is a product in the skin care group that has the function of adding moisture to the skin deeply with natural extracts. Adds long-lasting moisture. Gentle on all skin types

facial mask
Facial mask

Facial face mask are skin care products that can be absorbed into the skin immediately. convenient to use with the introduction of serum or concentrated skin care products to coat the surface area to deeply nourish the skin brighten the skin, reduce dark spots, redness, acne marks according to the formula


Whitening cream (Whitening) is a product that helps to take care of our skin to be clear. Nourishes the skin to protect the skin from dullness. By inhibiting skin pigment (Melanin). Makes our skin brighter from the use of cream in this catagory. Suitable for consumers and who want to whiten skin and help with uneven skin tone.


Serum is a skin care product with a very small molecule. The appearance of the serum is lighter than the texture of the cream product. The texture of the serum is semi-liquid to liquid. But packed with quality and concentration than other types of products. Therefore, it can help nourish the skin effectively and can also be used in a few drops.